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User Profile

This section describes the options available for users to view and manage their profile. The options are:

  • View profile
  • Edit profile
  • View permissions
  • Change password
  • Edit notification settings

View profile

To view your profile details, click the profile icon at right-top corner of the Report Server and click the profile option. View user profile details

Edit profile

You can edit and change the first name, last name, email address, phone number, and profile picture of your account. Edit user profile options

Change password

To change the user password to log in to the Report Server, click Change Password. and input the new password, and then click Save. Change user login password

My permissions

You can view your access permission list for each resources like reports, data sources, files, and schedules in the Report Server. View user access permissions

Edit notification settings

You can view and edit the following notification settings in the Report Server:

  • System notifications
  • Mail notifications
  • Auto watch for comments of created items.
  • Auto watch for comments of accessible items.

View and edit notification settings