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Import users from a database

You can add users to the Report Sever by importing users from a database. The users belonging to the System Administrator group only can import users from database into the Report Server.

Account Activation type should be E-mail Activation and E-mail Settings must be configured in to import and activate the users.

This section describes how to import users from database.

Listing database users

  1. Click New User, then Import from Database from the User Management page. Select import from database option to add new users

    Database settings must be configured. Refer the Database Settings for configuring the database.

  2. The link will redirect to database users list page, if the Database Settings already configured properly. List database users

Select users and import

The users list is shown in the grid based on the database column mapping.

  1. Select the users from the grid to be imported. Import Selected Users

  2. Click the Import Users option to import the chosen users. 3. The confirmation message will be displayed as shown in the following image. Success message after imported the Database users

Modify existing database connection

To modify existing database configuration settings, click the Modify option. Modify Database Configuration

Edit the settings and save the changes.