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Syncfusion Enterprise BI Reporting

The Syncfusion Enterprise BI Reporting is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and sharing interactive business reports. It includes a powerful report designer for easily composing open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification reports as well as a web interface for managing and sharing reports.

Key features

Report management --- Reports can be efficiently organized under the categories. Permission to view the reports can be given to specific users or groups.

Designer integration --- Seamlessly design and publish RDL specification reports through the Syncfusion Report Designer.

Version --- All items stored in the Report Server are versioned, so it is possible to revert to an older version.

User management --- Users can be easily organized into groups to accurately map the structure of the small and large organizations.

Scheduling --- Reports can be generated and emailed according to a schedule. The scheduling functionality is very flexible.

Flexible permissions --- A flexible permission scheme controls the access to read, write, and delete reports.

View reports --- The built-in HTML5 RDL Report Viewer control allows the user to view reports through the browser.

Embedded reports --- Reports hosted on the Report Server can be embedded easily in an application by using the HTML 5 Report Viewer control.

Export --- The RDL reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, and HTML file formats.

Custom branding --- The Report Server has built-in customization capabilities that allows you to add your organization’s name, logo, welcome note, etc.

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